Sunday, December 2, 2012

Owl Ornaments

Here it is! I finally finished writing up the pattern for my owl ornaments. They are pretty quick and easy and they turn out cute every time!

knit owl ornaments buttons pink purple teal

Materials needed:
Us size 4 (3.5 mm) dpns
Small amount of worsted weight (or similar) yarn in desired colors 
Crochet hook (approximately US E4/ 3.50 mm)
Buttons for eyes

There are a few options for the owl.  The body can be knit in seed stitch, plain garter stitch or garter stitch with stripes. Also the head of the owl can be knit in a different color. There are seed stitch wings or garter stitch wings.

knit owl ornament purple white teal
Seed stitch body owl.
knit owl ornament purple pink
Garter stitch with stripes owl.

To make owl:
For owl body: co 24 st (Leave a long enough tail to sew up bottom of owl when finished.)
Join in the round.

For seed stitch version:
Round 1: (k1, p1) to end
Round 2: (p1, k1) to end

For garter stitch version:
Round 1: knit to end
Round 2: purl to end

For garter stitch with stripes version:
With color A:
Round 1: knit to end
Round 2: purl to end
With color B:
Round3: knit to end
Round 4: purl to end

For all versions repeat rounds until piece measures 1 ½ inches.
Begin working head as follows:
Change yarn color if desired.
Next round: knit to end
Repeat until piece measures 2 ½ inches from cast on.
Place the first 12 st on one dpn and the second 12 on another. Using the 3 needle bind off method (see pictures below), bind off all stitches. If you prefer, you can bind off in the round and sew the top seam together after.

knit owl ornament seed stitch wing
Seed Stitch Wing
Seed Stitch Wing:
Co 5 st
Working flat,
(K1, p1) twice, k1
Repeat last row four more times.
P2tog, k1, p2tog
P1, k1, p1
Pull yarn through remaining st.

Garter Stitch Wing:
Co 5 st
knit owl ornament garter stitch wing
Garter Stitch Wing
Working flat, knit 6 rows
K2tog, k1, k2tog
K 1 row
Pull yarn through remaining st.

Co 3 st
K 3 rows
Pull yarn through remaining st.

To finish:
Sew in all ends except the cast on end. Fill with stuffing and sew up bottom of owl using cast on tail (see pictures below). Sew button eyes, beak and wings to owl. For loop to hang owl with, use the crochet hook to make a slip knot and chain 30 st. Sew to top of owl.

Co: cast on
Dpn(s): double point needle(s)
K: knit
K2tog: knit two together
P: purl
P2tog: purl two together
St: stitches

knitting three needle bind off
The first step for binding off- put half of the stitches on one dpn and half on the other.

knitting three needle bind off
Next knit one stitch from the front needle and one stitch from the back needle at the same time.

knitting three needle bind off
Once you have two stitches on your right hand needle, lift the first stitch over the second and off the needle as you would in a normal bind off. 
knitting three needle bind off
Continue working until all stitches are bound off. 

 After the owl is finished being knit, stuff it and sew up the bottom.

knit owl ornament tree
The owls can be done in many different colors. The original ones I made in various shades of white and grey. 

These owls are a great way to use scrap yarn and there are lots of color possibilities. The eyes can also be crocheted as I did with many of the white owls. Enjoy and happy knitting!


  1. these are so the picture of the tree with the owls done in white and grey!

  2. I'm going to give these cuties a shot tomorrow night. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern.

  3. Love the white and grey owls. Did you do something different with the eyes? They don't look like buttons.

  4. Thanks so much! Most of the eyes on the white and gray owls are crocheted. I'm not as familiar with crochet patterns and abbreviations as I am with knitting, otherwise I would have added that to the pattern. I sort of improvised as I went along anyway, so each one is a little different.

  5. Wonderful cute fun pattern! Thanks! I've made one and am on my second one. I see alot of these in my future. BTW I Love the tree of nuetral owls.

  6. These are adorable. I notice there are some on the tree that are smaller did you just cast on fewer stiches to make a smaller one? Thanks for the pattern I will be making them up!

    1. Thanks so much! For the smaller ones I cast on 12 stitches instead of 24 and just knit about 10 rounds of seed stitch and then 4 or 5 rounds of stockinette stitch, then I did a three needle bind off like for the bigger ones. I just used buttons for the eyes, no wings or beak. For the loop I think I only chained about 15 or 20 stitches. They are super tiny and very quick. Happy knitting!

  7. thanks for the pattern will be attempting to make one later.

  8. many easy to make + really cute!!!

  9. These are so awesome! Thank you.

  10. Replies
    1. Beak:
      Co 3 st
      K 3 rows
      Pull yarn through remaining st.

  11. these are super cute. the grey and white ones are just gorgeous!
    do you mind if i make a few to sell at my fall craft booth?

  12. I'm a HUGE fan of owls & so I adore these! I included a link in one of my blog posts; would you be willing to let me use one of your photos in the post? I'd credit you, of course. Thanks so much!

  13. Thanks so much! That's fine with me. :)

  14. Do you have this pattern for flat needles, not in the round? Thanks!