Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Fourth Birthday Sophie!

Seeing as my niece is only three years old (almost four) I think it is safe to post about her birthday gift before she gets it. If she can figure out how to navigate the internet, finds this post and figures out what it says, then she has certainly earned a sneak peak at her gift. :)

This is the second bunny that I have made for her. I'm trying not to get carried away, I just keep thinking of adorable clothes that I can design for it. I think that I have settled on three outfits for the new bunny:

Pink Sundress with Flowers

This was the first outfit that I made. I'm probably still going to add some sort of accessory... maybe a straw hat.

Princess Dress with Crown

After making this dress, I found out that her party would be fairy princess themed. So, I decided to make a crown and soon will make a wand and possibly fairy wings... we'll see.

Going to School Outfit

The last outfit looks more like something she could wear to school. I made a pink cowl similar to the one the bunny is wearing for Sophie for Christmas last year and she wore it for months on end. I thought it would be fitting for the bunny to have a matching cowl. I also think the bunny probably needs some cute mary janes to complete the outfit. That may be a bit of a challenge.

Well, off to knit some more accessories!

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