Saturday, May 28, 2011

A little more about me

While I love all things artistic and creative, they are not the only thing in my life. My day job is working in a Montessori classroom as an assistant. I absolutely love it! The kids have such a positive energy that is a joy to be around.

To make things even better, I often get to mix in creativity and art into the classroom. I've taught a few of the kids how to crochet. That is, I've taught them the little that I know of it at this point. Knitting is really my forte, but somehow one of the needles in each pair of knitting needles in the classroom mysteriously vanished and all that we had on hand were crochet hooks.

I gave some impromptu lessons on chain stitch and single crochet, nothing complicated. They loved it, but were never able to make much. Next year I hope to do something a little more organized with both knitting and crochet. Who knows, maybe we'll even finish a project!

My etsy shop is officially born

This year I've been getting more serious about my knitting and have been posting more things for sale in my etsy shop. I've had my etsy account for a few years now, but I haven't had a chance to work on it much. During the school year things are pretty busy and of course around Christmas time I'm feverishly trying to finish all of my gifts before Christmas Eve. This year was the first year I was actually successful! That must mean that I'm getting faster, either that or smarter.

After the holiday, I really dedicated most of my knitting time to toys and such to sell. Now I have a decent selection of different animals, toys and even some accessories. I even designed a logo banner for my page. I get giddy whenever I look at my shop page because it looks like a real business. I know it is, but it is all so new and still seems a little strange. Summer will be here soon and with the break from school, Auntie Em's Studio will be my full time job. Lots of fun things to come!